Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Good bye ... and get the Ovi Store

When I started this Blog, there where only few apps for S60 5th Ed., and those where hard to find. Things have changed since then. Nokia got their Ovi Store up and running, so apps for your platform are easy to find. And though I prefered the 5800 over the iPhone 3G, this has changed with the iPhone 3 GS as I wrote on Gadgetechtoya. So the iPhone 3 GS is now my primary phone, this is why I stopped updating this Blog.
For everyone still happy with the 5800 or the new N97, go to and have fun!

Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Ovi Maps Mobile 3.0

Nokia's latest turn-by-turn navigation solution is out now. To upgrade the Nokia Maps 2.0, which came with your 5800, to latest Ovi Maps Mobile, go to

Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 for S60

Nokia Java Runtime 2.0 for S60 (JRT 2.0) is a totally re-written Java mobile execution environment for Nokia S60 devices. It gives you several usability and performance improvements, including:
  • One-click application installation
  • Improved application launch user experience
  • Improved execution performance
Get it from Nokia beta Labs.

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009


Tweets60 is a free twitter client for Series 60 devices (3rd and 5th editions).
  • Post directly from your phone
  • Faster and more efficient than the mobile site
  • Smart synchronisation to keep your data usage to a minimum
  • Keep up to date with automatic polling
  • Manage who you're following on the go

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Flash Lite 3.1 for the 5800

This is an easy one. Just start your application update on your 5800 and get the Flash Lite update to version 3.1. See the new features list at

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

iSilo beta for S60 5th

This is still beta, but one of the most important releases for me. I have been using iSilo as a document reader since the early days of Palm OS.

Freitag, 22. Mai 2009


Sudokumaster is another Sudoku implementation, published by

JabpLite personal finance

JabpLite is a Quicken like personal finance application, written in Java and running on various devices including the 5800.

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Spb TV

Spb TV is a highly usable IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. Spb TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages with easy-to-use features and settings. No subscription fee!

Kolor Lines (KLines)

Kolor Lines is a QT based game, originally written for Linux/KDE and now ported to S60 5th.

Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Spb Wallet

And again from Spb Software: Spb Wallet is a password manager with a Windows desktop companion. It's only drawback is the lack of a Mac client.

Sbp Brain Evolution

Sbp Software, one of the best Developers for Windows mobile seemed to have moved their focus also on S60 5th Edition. Regarding the market shares of Windows mobile (close to zero, declining) and Symbian (> 44%), this may be a wise decision. Spb Brain Evolution, probably the best Dr. Kawashima like Brain Jogging programs has been ported to 5th Ed.

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009


ShoZu is a one stop solution for staying in contact with many social sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Ovi, Blogger, Picasa and many others.

Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Spb Puzzle

Spb Puzzle is a classic jigsaw puzzle game, the object of which is to piece together the fragments to form a complete image. Puzzles are said to improve concentration, logic, attention, memory, and imagination.  Spb Puzzle lets you play the time-tested jigsaw classic on your phone.

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

navmii GPS navigation

Navmii is the latest GPS satellite navigation software available for your mobile phone. It has all the great features that you would expect from your navigation system, but also has a brand new technology that will make typing addresses a thing of the past.

Nimbuzz Instant Messenger

Nimbuzz Mobile lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts. See

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is now available for 5th Ed. See the review on or just get it from Opera.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Nokia Friend View

Nokia Friend View now also supports the Nokia 5800, so you can share your location with your friends. Get it from Nokia's Friend View site.

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Sensible Sudoku

One of my favorite Sudoku games for 3rd Ed. now runs on the 5800: Sensible Sudoku from Ludimate.

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

Snake Deluxe v2.0

It looks like every platform need a Snake implementation. Here is a very enhanced one for S60 5th Ed., see

Samstag, 2. Mai 2009


LoneylyCatGames, the makers of ProfiMail, also upgraded their file manager X-plore to 5th Ed. support. It uses the same UI concept as ProfiMail. Touching and holding the screen brings up a circular popup menu (see screenshot),  giving quick access to most common tasks for the given element. This concept is already know from some Firefox extensions.

Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Smartphoneware's lineup for the 5800

Smartphoneware already offers an impressive software lineup for the Nokia 5800:
  • Best TaskMan: An enhanced task manager
  • Best Answering Machine: Voicemail on the phone
  • Best Blacklist: Caller blacklist
  • Best CallCheater
  • Best Reminder: Enhanced reminder app
  • Best Birthday: Great birthday app
  • Best Crypto: Crypto app with desktop companion
  • Best Profiles: Automatic profile switching
  • Best Screen Snap: Screen capture utility
All are available at

Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Nokia 5800 plugin for Apple iSync

If you want to sync your 5800 to your Mac, you will need this. Get it from

Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

Nokia Messaging for S60 5th Edition

Today, Nokia released a beta of Nokia Messaging for the 5800. See the video for details, the software is available on Nokia beta Labs.

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Free Java Apps from Vesuvian Software

Find the free applications for S60 5th Ed. at

Dienstag, 14. April 2009


Another Twitter Client for S60 5th Ed. from Mojos Studios.

Resco Bubbles

This accelerator based game from Resco is now ported to S60 5th Ed. and the 5800

Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

MobiSystems OfficeSuite

MobiSystems OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office. The new version 5 of the MobiSystems OfficeSuite has been especially enhanced with Microsoft ® Office 2007 file support.
Until the end of April, it is available for €19,99 instead of €69,99.

Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection

Epocware's Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection is probably one of the largest Solitaire collection and it is now available for S60 5th Ed. To learn all these Solitaire games, it comes with the rules to all games and it is even possible to watch a demo game of each.
As Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection is very expensive ($29,-), there is also a smaller and cheaper bundle called Top Hits Solitaire Collection.

Gravity Twitter Client

Gravity is a very nice Twitter client from Mobileways, which supports kinetic scrolling on S60 5th Ed.

Dienstag, 7. April 2009

Nokia Energy Profiler

If you want to know, when and how much battery is consumed, get Nokia's Energy Profiler. Additional, it shows WLAN, GSM and 3G signal power as well as CPU load and RAM consumption.

Origo Solitaire

Origo IDE™ is an end to end, integrated development environment for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition GUI application development. For Showing the capabilities of it's product, some apps are available on the developers website. While most are more demos than real apps, the Solitaire application is better than Nokias native Solitaire Demo app. Get it from here.


The best email client for Symbian - Profimail - has now been adopted to make use of S60 5th Ed. and the big touch screen of 5800. Now the preview functionality, showing the email content below the list of the mail subjects, makes sense for me. Also, it has some touch buttons at the bottom to replace the missing hardware keys. Profimail is available at Lonely Cat games.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Nokia Photo Browser beta

The 5800's built in photo application already looked old fashioned on last years S60 3rd Ed. devices, but on a multi media device like the 5800, it is a joke. Now Nokia beta Labs released Nokia Photo Browser beta, which is IMHO the coolest photo viewer across all smartphone platforms.
Get it from Nokia Labs.


Wordmate is a multi functional app, mostly for travelling. But with features like weather forecast, it is also usable for people who are not frequent flyer. The free version offers
  • Weather forecasts for over 1,000 cities across the globe
  • Weathercaster voice-animated weather service
  • World Clocks
  • Currency Converter and online exchange rates
  • World Day/Night Map
There is also a gold edition, which adds

  • Flight Status for more than 175 airlines
  • Real-time Alerts for flight delays or cancellations
  • Flight Schedules for over 800 airlines
  • Satellite Weather Imagery
Get it at

Dienstag, 17. März 2009

Update on All About Symbians 5th Ed. list

Steve Litchfield posted an update of his 'Top 20 Freeware for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and S60 5th Edition'. New in this update are

Sonntag, 15. März 2009

Light Sabre 5th Edition (v0.1)

One of the most important applications for phones with acceleration sensor is – of course  - a ligth saber app. Now there is a native one for S60 5th Ed. under This is donation ware, unfortunately only available trough rapid share.

Samstag, 14. März 2009

Twenty 5th Edition apps listed on All About Symbian

In an article called 'Top 10 Freeware for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and S60 5th Edition',
Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian listed 10 apps as well as10 additional apps for Symbian S60 5th Edition. These are
  • Google Maps (when installing on the 5800, it reads that it is not compatible with the device, but it runs perfectly)
  •  BBC iPlayer (unfortunately, only for users in the UK)
  • Nokia Sports Tracker (GPS Tracking) 
  • Opera Mini (browser alternative)
  • Quickoffice (read only office suite, via Download!)
  • AccuWeather (weather information, via Download!)
  • Files on Ovi (for those who like the Ovi service. IMHO, it is too expensive by far)
  • Wireless keyboard (though not a 5th Ed. app)
  • France 24 Mobile (multi language news, via Download!)
  • PhotoFlow Image Album (imaging software, via Download!)
  • JoikuSpot Light (making the 5800 a WLAN hotspot)
  • MDictionary (Dictionary alternative)
  • Mobile Paint (imaging)
  • Talkonaut (chat & VOIP)
  • Qik (video capture, via Download!)
  • Mobbler ( & Scrobbler)
  • Chequers (board game)
  • Zip manager (via Download!)
  • Y-Browser (File Manager) 
  • Best Screen Snap (screen capture)

Freitag, 13. März 2009

5800 software from Nokia has published a collection of 5800 applications under The apps are
  • Paint Pad (drawing tool)
  • Dodge this (space game)
  • Big2master (card game)
  • Mahjong
  • Sudoku
  • DuoDiZhu (card game)
  • Shanghai Mahjong
  • Avatar SMS
  • Mail for Exchange
  • Touch card match (brain game)
  • Touch maneuver (game)
  • Touch Piano & Guitar (music)
  • Touch Popper
  • Motion Dice Box
  • Quick Office
as well as some Chinese stuff.