Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Good bye ... and get the Ovi Store

When I started this Blog, there where only few apps for S60 5th Ed., and those where hard to find. Things have changed since then. Nokia got their Ovi Store up and running, so apps for your platform are easy to find. And though I prefered the 5800 over the iPhone 3G, this has changed with the iPhone 3 GS as I wrote on Gadgetechtoya. So the iPhone 3 GS is now my primary phone, this is why I stopped updating this Blog.
For everyone still happy with the 5800 or the new N97, go to and have fun!


  1. Symbian is old and outdated OS for touch screens. Its also now abandoned by Nokia and its open source. No body uses symbian other then Nokia. And if you talk ovi store, only 10% of apps are compatible for any particular user. So any one can only use 10% of apps. Moreover the quality of Ovi apps is horrible compared from Apple store. I mean the same company makes a horrible design for Ovi and best design for Apple.

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